Idaho is a part-time State Legislature, convening in January and usually ending sometime between March and April. To follow the bills as they go through the legislative process, visit legislature.idaho.gov.

Idaho has 35 state legislative districts. These districts are served by one senator and 2 house representatives. Each senator and representative serves a 2 year term and is elected through a party primary in May and the general election in November.

Every 10 years the districts are redone in order to provide the best and most equal service to the residents of the states. In 2010 each of the 35 state districts had approximately 44,788 residents. When the redistricting was complete in 2021 each state district had approximately 52,545 residents. (Idaho was one of the fastest growing states in the union).

North Idaho Voter Services covers Legislative District One which includes all of Boundary county and all of Bonner County except the southern most precincts of Spirt Lake, Clagstone, and  Careywood. Beginning in January 2023 our legislative representatives are:

Senator: Scott Herndon

House Seat A: Mark Sauter

House Seat B: Sage Dixon