“Our mission at North Idaho Voter Services is the election of Qualified Candidates through voter participation and trustworthy information”

“Every election is determined by the people who show up”

Larry J. Sabato -- Political Scientist & Analyst

About North Idaho Voter Services

North Idaho Voter Services is a 501-C-4 that was established in 2019 to conduct voter research and has since expanded to create the voter services deemed important by the research.

Our directors are a group of dedicated citizens who have raised families, built businesses, served on community boards and who make deep contributions to the wellbeing of our North Idaho communities. Citizens live in North Idaho because of our Great Outdoors and our directors know our quality of life is enhanced by good education, medical services, and qualified leadership from our public servants.

Our current directors are: Jim Frank, Dan McLaughlin, Barbara Schriber, Bob Boeh, and founder Diana Dawson.

A bit about the original research...

Through interviews, surveys, focus groups, polling, and migration demographics, our research generated concrete information on North Idaho Voter preferences.

Most of the findings matched what common sense had indicated but had been dimmed by loud far right rhetoric. Basically, North Idaho Voters want:

  • Qualified Conservative Candidates
  • Public Officials who focus on solutions – not fringe issues
  • Efficient government that produces jobs, education, and infrastructure
  • Idaho civility and friendliness – not ugly rhetoric

A few key points...

  • Voters live here because of the great outdoors and rural character.

  • Voters #1 concern is growth and the impact it will have on our rural character and our quality of life.

In order to give voters what they say they want, we must all work together.  Every vote counts! “We The People” have the power to generate the solutions we need by electing qualified candidates.

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