This page is in process and inducled current listings, current candidates who have declared and incubments. The filing deadline is mid-March.

Legislative District One

Position Incumbent Challenger

Scott Herndon


Jim Woodward




House 1A

Mark Sauter

Jane Sauter (no relation to Mark Sauter)

Spencer Hutchings

House 1B

Sage Dixon (retiring)

Charles Lowman

Cornel Rasor

Bonner County

Position Incumbent Challenger
Commissioner District 1 *2 year term

Steven Bradshaw (running for Sheriff)

Brian Riley

Brian Domke

Jim Burroughs


Commissioner District 3 *4 year term

Luke Omodt

Dimitry Borisov

Ron Korn

Jeff Glass





Dennis Englehardt (appointed) (no website or Facebook email him:

No Challenger


Darryl Wheeler

Steven Bradshaw



Louis Marshall

No Challenger


Boundary County

Position Incumbent Challenger
Commissioner District 1 *2 year term

Wally Cossaint (retiring)

Les Penkenten (no website or Facebook email him:





Commissoner District 3 *4 year term

Ben Robertson

No Challenger


Dave Kramer (retiring)

Jon Van Gesen
David Schuman
Travis Stolley



Andrakay Pluid



Legislative District One Map

Election Calendar

End of January 2024 Request Absentee Ballot for all 2024 elections online

NIVS will be covering Bonner and Boundary Counties and Legislative District One.

Idaho Legislators are elected every two years (both the senate seat and the house seats). Various county positions alternate for elections.