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 Your feedback is essential in guiding NIVS in our mission of helping you, and voters like you, stay informed and elect qualified candidates. To participate in our next survey, click here – News Hotline.

Our most recent survey, August 2023, is collecting information on how LD1 voters perceive closed primaries in Idaho. 

Extremist branch of the Idaho GOP tightens its grip on power

“The extremist branch of Idaho’s Republican Party has been engaged in a purge of all those who are considered suspect by the (Dorothy) Moon Crowd and their dogmatic predecessors ever since the GOP closed its primary in 2012. As white nationalist Vincent James Foxx declared last year, a “real right-wing takeover is happening in Idaho and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.” Or, is there actually something Idahoans can do to stop the extremist takeover?” Jim Jones Bonner County Daily Bee, July 20, 2023

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Most voters live busy lives. There’s little time to navigate voting requirements and deadlines. Our focus at NIVS is to provide information that will make voting convenient. For voting information, click here – Voting.

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It’s almost a full time job to research candidates and issues. Misinformation & political rhetoric cloud the landscape. We have several nonpartisan elections in LD1 in 2023. We will announce candidates and
provide background as they step forward for each election. To find out more about candidates and recent election results, click here – Candidates.


The 2024 Idaho Legislative Session starts on January 2024. For up to date information about the 2024 session click here – News.

Timber the Wonder Dog says ... VOTE SMART!

We’re powered by the conviction that every vote countsOur goal is simple: to provide voters with convenient and trustworthy information that will empower them to vote.

We’re dedicated to the belief that we can. WE CAN elect qualified candidates. With qualified leadership, we can address the challenging issues confronting North Idaho: jobs, education, and growth.

We’re determined to make a difference. Our tasks are serious but we will keep a sense of humor. To help us, we have recruited Timber the wonder dog. She considers herself the best doggone political pundit going — but she doesn’t mind taking a break from serious stuff to play ball. We’ll use her as our inspiration to do the same during the coming elections.